I believe that currently in Illinois and across the country, we live in a very unfriendly world where people have forgotten how to be nice to each other.

What Happened To Being Neighborly In Illinois?

Can someone explain to me what happened to our society? Nowadays, people are just darn right rude to each other. It makes me sick. Where did the politeness go? You have to be careful because someone will just lose their mind for no reason and you're not sure how crazy they can get. It's become a hazardous world.

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Garbage Day Is Serious For Some Illinois Residents

You would think garbage day wouldn't be a problem for Illinois residents. You keep your trash in cans. You're assigned a day to take it to the curb. Nice and Simple. Not for everyone. Some people take it way too seriously. I understand that some neighbors are a little sloppy about it but it's nothing to get angry about. Unfortunately, some folks do.

Argument About Garbage Cans Turns Violent In Illinois Neighborhood
Argument Over Illinois Garbage Cans Turns Violent

Argument Over Illinois Garbage Cans Turns Violent In Illinois Neighborhood

The incident happened recently in Orland Park. It was on the morning of garbage day in the neighborhood. Two families had a shared driveway. The victim moved the suspect's trash cans from one spot to another. The neighbor was not happy about the change so he ran out and started yelling and unleashing insulting comments at the guy next door.

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Then, the suspect punched the victim multiple times. When the victim's wife tried to intervene, the angry neighbor shoved her husband into her and knocked her over. They were both injured but luckily not badly. The police were called and they arrested the jerk. He went to jail over garbage cans which seems so ridiculous.

According to fox32chicago.com, 

An Orland Park man allegedly battered his two neighbors and made hateful comments toward them during a dispute over garbage cans Wednesday morning.

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