Next time an Uber customer goes to order a ride share, they will notice a big change on the app.

New Ride Option For Uber Passengers In Illinois

Even though I don't use it very often, I believe Uber is a great concept, especially in a big city. People will need rides. They can't always get one from someone they know. Sometimes, you have to look elsewhere.

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Back in the day, I had a few friends that lived in Chicago. We would go out drinking so we would need a ride home. Public transportation is not fun to navigate, especially after you've had a couple of adult beverages. I've taken a taxi many times in my life and there are very few good experiences to share with the group.

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Then along came the ride-share companies like Uber and the whole catching a ride experience was all of a sudden so much better. The vehicles are much better and the drivers friendly. People don't mind using that service.

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Now, when you go on the app to order a ride from Uber, there's a new option. You can hire a taxi cab. It will be under UberX pricing. That means that it will have a set price and you do not have to worry about a cabbie trying to rip them off by going the long way or other tricks.

There are almost 3,000 taxi drivers in Chicago alone, so that provides drivers for customers to rely on. It will be treated like any other Uber so you can give tips and reviews.

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