Sports fans in Illinois are some of the best in the entire world but are they into it a little bit too much?

Proof That Illinois Sports Fans Are Too Committed To Their Teams

I will admit I'm a huge Illinois sports fan, especially when it comes to Chicago teams. My favorite is the Bears. I didn't have much choice because I was born into it. My heart has been broken many times by bad games.

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I've tried very hard as I get older to not let my favorite Chicago sports teams ruin my day or make me angry. I treat it more like entertainment. I've got friends who take losing very hard. That's not fun because organizations in Illinois are typically not good.

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That brings up a very good point about sports fans in Illinois. Do they take it too seriously? I would say yes they do. I even have the research to back up my opinion. A recent survey found that Illinois sports fans are way too committed to their favorite team. Check out the findings.

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  • Illinois ranks 6th in the U.S. for the "sports flu."
  • 63% of Illinois residents have called off work to attend a game.
  • 22% will schedule their wedding around sporting events.
  • 22% missed holidays and special occasions for sports.
  • 24% have broken up with their partner over sports.
  • 1 in 5 residents keeps better track of their favorite team than friends.
  • 22% named a child after their favorite athlete.

I think the answer is clear. Yes, Illinois sports fans are way too committed to their favorite teams.


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