Major rage is caused by the frustration of the medical industry in Wisconsin.

Medical Industry Is Very Frustrating To Consumers In Wisconsin & Everywhere

If you've been lucky enough to avoid any health issues over the past several years, you're very lucky and I'm super jealous. The whole medical industry is very frustrating to deal with. First of all, the cost is out of control. The prices for insurance, services, medicine, and everything else is ridiculous. Normal people can't afford to pay for it.

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Plus, trying to schedule appointments and refilling prescriptions will put the calmest person to their limit. I'm really surprised there aren't more issues with people losing their cool at doctor's offices or pharmacies. Maybe, we are just not hearing about it. Here's one scary situation that I just heard about.

Violence Over Unfilled Prescription In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Woman Loses Her Cool Over Prescription

This incident occurred at an eye doctor's office in a shopping mall located in Madison. The local Wisconsin police are currently investigation the crime and searching for a female suspect. The woman went into the clinic looking for a prescription refill. When she found out it wasn't ready, she freaked out. This lady went after one of the workers and pushed her against a wall to hurt the victim. The bully also attacked another employee violently. The criminal was able to take off before the cops came to arrest her.

According to,

Officers were called to the clinic in the 4300 block of East Washington Ave. at around 12:20 p.m. Police said a 32-year-old woman threw an employee against a wall after learning her prescription was not ready.

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