So many poll and opinions, too many.

Rockford Population Signs
Rob Carroll, Townsquare Media

So we have had all of these negative statistics and polls about Rockford, shoved down our throats for too long. As if violence and crime is something new to a city of this size.

Sure Rockford has crime, sure Rockford has had violent situations, sure Rockford can make a "national poll" about just how terrible of a place this is. Insert any city name and and recognize that Rockford is no different.

I found this video on YouTube that will give you a different loo and hopefully outlook on Rockford. Just take six minutes to soak this in. Take six minutes to breathe deep, and watch the beauty of Rockford unfold in front of you.

Here is a drivers viewpoint of the "most dangerous in the USA", the filming a editing of this is really well done.

Rockford is a beautiful community with endless amounts of positive vibes. If you look for the negative, guess what you will find it. Or it will find you.




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