We are all guilty of using cellphones during inappropriate times but this situation in a restaurant in Wisconsin got really scary.

Cellphone Use In Wisconsin

People's views on cellphone usage vary from person to person. Of course, the older generation gets annoyed quickly when someone has their nose in the device constantly. In turn, young users have no problem using it anywhere at any time. This difference in opinion can cause some major problems between folks.

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Annoying Cellphone Usage In Wisconsin Restaurant 

This incident happened just a couple of days ago during breakfast time at the Perkins Family Restaurant in Madison (4800 block of Hayes Road). There were two customers trying to enjoy their meals. These gentlemen weren't together, they just happened to be in the same restaurant at identical times. That's the only similarity between the pair.

Funny man is getting punch in face with fist.
Fight Over Cellphone In WI

One of the guys was sitting quietly and trying to enjoy his meal. A couple of tables over was another man who was eating breakfast but he definitely was not doing it silently. This dude was watching videos on his cellphone. Apparently, at a high volume. This didn't go over well with the customer keeping to himself.

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Fight In Wisconsin Restaurant

The quiet man approached the guy on his cellphone and asked him to turn down the videos. He refused. They started to argue and a fight began. The loud dude severely beat up the other customer. When a witness tried to stop the brawl, he got beat up too. The suspect took off but eventually turned himself in. This stupid fight all started because of a cellphone. Remember that next time you're on your device in public. Now, these two men's lives are forever changed.

According to channel3000.com, 

Madison police arrested a 53-year-old man Friday morning who they said hit another man over a disagreement about loud videos.


He faces charges of substantial battery, battery and disorderly conduct.

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