It would seem like a movie theater would be a good place to get away from reality for a little while but unfortunately, a man in Illinois decided to ruin that for a bunch of people just trying to enjoy the film.

Fight At Illinois Movie Theater

The incident happened around dinner time over the weekend at the York Theatre on York Street in downtown Elmhurst. By the way, I've been to that theater and the downtown area. It's very nice so I'm surprised to hear about any trouble going on.

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A movie theater employee called the local police because there was a fight going on in the lobby. When officers arrived at the business, a customer was suffering from a blow to the face. Another theater patron had punched him.

Funny man is getting punch in face with fist.
Fight At Illinois Movie Theater

More Details About Illinois Movie Theater Fight

The suspect came in from Chicago to check out a movie. He's 68 years old so he's old enough to be a grandpa and know better. Sadly, an adult would act like that. An argument started between the two men as they were both walking out of a theater.

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There was no reason given for the fight. Maybe the suspect got fired up after watching the new version of "Mean Girls" and he wasn't happy when he found out it was a musical.

According to,

A 68-year-old Chicago man was arrested about 6 p.m. Monday at Classic Cinemas York Theatre, 150 N. York St., on two counts of battery.


Police said they responded to a fight in progress. The 68-year-old man is accused of punching another man while leaving the theater.

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