Technology has made going to the theater the best way to experience your favorite movies.

Theaters Are Ultimate Way To Watch Movies

I've been a fan of flicks for as long as I can remember. I still really enjoy going to an actual theater to watch films on a big screen. Streaming services are nice and convenient but they aren't the same experience as attending the show in-house. Technology has taken movie going to the next level.

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There are so many ways you can enjoy a movie in a theater that you can't do at home from the internet. Here are some modern features to look out for...

  • Giant screens
  • Amazing sound
  • 3D
  • Special seats
  • Wait service
  • Full bar and restaurant menus
  • Drive-in theaters
  • Great sightlines
  • And so much more

 Wisconsin Welcomes The Ultimate Movie Experience

The Marcus Ridge Cinema in New Berlin (just outside of Milwaukee) is proud to welcome ScreenX. It's the latest and greatest technology when it comes to experiencing movies in the theater. You'll view the film on a 270-degree panoramic screen which is 45 feet tall. The seating will be 108 recliner chairs.

According to, 

At CJ 4DPLEX, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cinema and providing moviegoers with unforgettable experiences not available at home.


Our ongoing partnership with Marcus Theatres aligns perfectly with this vision, and the opening of the Marcus Ridge Cinema ScreenX auditorium further solidifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge entertainment.

According to, 

ScreenX takes audiences beyond the frame of a traditional movie screen by expanding the action to specially formatted side walls that open up during key moments in the story.


It’s 3 times the movie!

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