This Wisconsin criminal didn't think it through when he decided to commit two felonies for one crime and it's going to get him even more time in prison.

Wisconsin Man Calls In Bomb Threat To Rob Bank

I'm completely fascinated by dumb criminals committing stupid crimes in Wisconsin. I think it happens a lot more than you realize. It almost seems like they would be better off if they could get their plan pre-approved by some sort of expert. I believe the advice would be to not go through with it.

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Our criminal of the day is from Kenosha. Recently, this guy decided it was about time that he robbed a bank so he started working on a strategy. The plan wasn't horrible on paper but there was no way this genius was going to get away with it.

Wisconsin Man Arrested Twice (Alex_Schmidt)

The suspect's plan was based around robbing the Chase Bank in Pleasant Prairie. He was going to commit the crime during the day so he was looking for a distraction. If the local police were busy, they couldn't show up at the bank to arrest him

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The man decided if he called in a bomb threat at another busy place of business, the cops would be way too busy to worry about him. So the suspect called a nearby Costco and told them that he had planted an explosive device in the building. The police showed up and helped evacuate the store.

In the meantime, the suspect committed the bank robbery. Of course, he was caught on security cameras. The police were able to identify the thief and he was arrested shortly after the incident.

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During the investigation, the authorities were able to put the two crimes together and figured out it was the same guy. So our lucky dumb criminal was arrested for two felony crimes for the price of one. What a great deal for that dude.

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