This bank robber in Illinois qualifies as a dumb criminal because of how he got caught by the local police.

Illinois Police Make Easy Arrest After Bank Robber Makes Major Mistakes

I think the lack of experience and intelligence are the main reasons why dumb criminals always get caught while trying to pull off a stupid crime. They see it on TV or in the movies and it looks easy. I believe they would be better off listening to the suggestion of don't try this at home.

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This latest bank robber was inexperienced in the world of crime because he made some serious mistakes that ended up getting him arrested. He was such a bad thief that the police caught him in record time.

Bank Robbery
Illinois Bank Robbery (Getty Images)

The incident happened during the afternoon recently at the Byline Bank in Westchester. A man with his face partially covered walked into the business and stepped up to a teller. He handed her a note demanding money. His message also threatened her life if she tried to do anything stupid.

The teller loaded a money bag with $545 and also snuck in a tracking device. The thief grabbed his loot and took off. Luckily, no one got hurt. The suspect didn't have a getaway car because he walked over to the nearest bus stop. That's going to come back to haunt him.

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The police immediately arrived on the scene. They check the tracking device. The officers couldn't believe where the guy was. He was just a few hundred feet away at a bus stop so the cops headed that way. When they arrived they could hear the bank robber's bag beeping from the tracker. The suspect gave up right away without any trouble and admitted to the crime.

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The thief was also caught on bank security cameras. He would've better off staying home that day. Especially, since it was for just a few hundred dollars. That was not worth the trouble it caused.

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