These carjackers in Illinois aren't just your normal run-of-the-mill dumb criminals doing stupid crimes, they possibly could be the worst car thieves ever.

Dumb Criminal Committing Stupid Crimes

I've talked about it several times when discussing dumb criminals committing stupid crimes. First of all, the suspects aren't making good choices by breaking the law. Most of them didn't do well in school. That doesn't make a great combination. That's why they end up in jail. It almost seems like they need some sort of training program like Crime 101 or something similar.

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Epic Fail During Carjacking In Illinois

I think these car thieves in Chicago need to find another career because they have no idea what they are doing. They attempted three separate carjackings in the same neighborhood in twenty minutes. Not only, did they fail each time but they also ended up getting arrested.

Illinois Car Thieves Couldn't Drive Stick Shift

Unsuccessful Carjackings In Illinois

The pair started with a woman. They held her up while she was getting into her vehicle. They were in the process of taking her purse and keys when a car came around the corner. They got scared and checked out. They dropped her stuff, pushed the lady to the ground, and took off with nothing. Luckily, she was okay.

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Oh just wait, it gets even better. This time they went after a guy who was just getting into his car. They took his wallet and keys. The suspects jumped into the vehicle to steal it. There was just one major problem. It was a manual transmission and neither of them knew how to drive stick shift. Once again, they fled empty-handed. I guess that wasn't planned very well.

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The third and final attempt put them in jail. Remember, this all happened in the same neighborhood. Of course, the previous victims called the police, so they were on the lookout. They were busted while trying to carjack another person.

According to,

Two suspects are in custody after they were arrested following a crime spree on Tuesday night when at least one attempt to carjack a victim was foiled when the suspects couldn’t figure out the vehicle’s manual transmission.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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