A drug dealer with really good customer service was arrested by Illinois police for selling weed with drive-thru service.

Pot Dealer Arrested In Joliet

The police department in Joliet had received many calls over several days from the same neighborhood in town. The complaints stated that someone in the neighborhood was selling drugs out of their vehicle. The cops set up a stakeout to investigate the allegations.

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Observations Of Illinois Drug Dealer Stakeout

  • The investigation took place over a few months.
  • The drug dealer was only selling weed.
  • It was drive-thru service. The customers would pull up in their vehicles, and put down their windows for the exchange of money and pot was made.
  • When the pot dealer's car trunk was open, that meant he was open for business.
  • His normal hours for selling weed were 9 am to 10 pm.
  • He sold smaller bags of pot, anywhere from $10 to $35.
Illinois Police Bust Drive-Thru Pot Dealer

Time For The Illinois Drug Bust

After collecting plenty of evidence for a drug bust, the local police with the help of the Joliet SWAT team conducted a raid. The suspect had weed in one pants pocket and a couple thousand dollars of cash in another. They transported the man to jail for questioning.

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During the interrogation, the suspect pretty much admitted to selling weed illegally. He shared the fact that he had been out of work for a long time and was trying to earn some money. The man also suggested that he was providing a service for his customers because the dispensaries were so expensive.

According to patch.com, 

Officer Andrzejewski was back in the 600 block of Elmwood and this time she saw Bridges place his bag in the truck of his vehicle, a white Ford Escape, and "it's worth noting that Bridges' trunk on the white Escape was open, which appears to be the universal sign that 'The Drive Thru' is open for business," the forfeiture noted.

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