Nursing homes in Illinois can be a very volatile environment with so many personalities living in one place with different ailments and not always in the best conditions.

The Experience Of Nursing Homes In Illinois

Before my dad passed away, he had to spend some time in a couple of nursing homes in Illinois. Each experience was completely different. The first one was not good. He had a miserable time staying there. It was a horrible place. Luckily, we were able to move him to another one. Everything about it was awesome. It's crazy how it can go from one extreme to the other.

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Murder At Illinois Nursing

This sad incident happened in the laundry room at a nursing home in Joliet. One of the residents was in the facility washing his clothes when a person living in the building walked in. That man had the reputation of being trouble and causing issues. He immediately gives the other guy a hard time.

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Murder At Illinois Nursing Home

There were no previous problems between the two. An argument started over the unkind statements made by the suspect. Then the murderer started hitting the victim several times. One of the staff members of the nursing home tried to break up the attack but it was already too late. When first responders arrived, they tried reviving the injured resident but they were unsuccessful. The other man was arrested by the local police.

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Witnesses at the scene told police that Paschall then grabbed Pappas' walker and began striking him about the body and head while yelling, "Die mother------."


Pappas was described as a quiet man who was very calm and respectful to staff, while Paschall was described by staff as a "time bomb," who routinely argued with other residents in the home.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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