An argument during a couple's trip to the grocery store turns ugly and ends with gunfire.

Grocery Shopping In Illinois Can Be Stressful

One of my family chores is going to the grocery store. I don't really mind it. I find it much easier to do it alone. It's stressful enough without having anyone else involved. Prices for items have gone sky-high. Plus, you can find half the stuff you're looking for.

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Apparently, a few days ago, grocery shopping at a Jewel-Osco Store on Harlem Avenue in Tinley Park got a little too stressful for this couple. The police report said the pair were strange, so that might have had something to do with the incident. The husband and wife were having a pretty serious argument in the parking lot.

Illinois Man Shoots Gun At Wife

Illinois Couple's Argument Turns Violent

The fight got so bad, that the husband pulled out a gun and started shooting at his wife. Luckily he was a bad shot so he completely missed her. Witnesses immediately call the police. When the man heard the sirens, he took. When the cops arrived they heard the story from the woman and found the shell casing from the bullets. Their next stop was to arrest the suspect.

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You Can't Hide From The Illinois Police

I'm not sure what that husband was thinking. Did he really believe that he could get away from the police? Well, he did try shooting his wife in the middle of a grocery store parking lot. Probably not the smartest person. When the officers arrived at his house, the suspect was trying to hide behind his garbage cans. Of course, that didn't work and he was immediately arrested.

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