The online dating apps are an easy way for people to meet each other in Illinois but it doesn't always work out in a good way.

Dating Through Online Apps In Illinois

Meeting people to date isn't an easy task in Illinois. You've got the whole... who, what, where, why, and how. Think about walking into a bar with all of those questions on your mind. That will put the weight of the couple's world on your shoulders.

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Luckily, for many people in Illinois, they've found a much easier way to date. It's through an online app. This new technology makes the meeting people part of dating much more manageable. The computer will match you with someone comparable. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work out with a happy ending.

3. Date Nights at the Movies
Epic Fail For Illinois Couple Dating Through Online App

Online Date In Illinois Goes Horrible Wrong

A man and woman from the Des Plaines area met each other after being paired up through an online dating app. Since they were matched up by a computer, you would think the date would be at least fun if not a full-on success. Unfortunately, it didn't go as well as it was planned.

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The pair met at a public parking lot and then started their date night from there. After a few hours, the couple returned to that location. This time, the man and woman were arguing. Eventually, the lady got out of the vehicle and started heading to her car. Once, she started walking, the guy hit her with his SUV. Luckily, she wasn't seriously injured.

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The victim ran across the street and started banging on a business door for help. The police showed up to help. Soon after talking to the woman, they were able to track down the suspect to arrest him. This date was an epic fail.

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A Mount Prospect man is accused of two felony crimes after he reportedly drove his car toward a woman he had met on a dating app, causing her to fall to the ground.

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