Cellphones in class are a problem, but a school in Wisconsin has found a solution.

It's a problem in Rockford, Illinois, and throughout the country. Cellphones in class. The teachers can threaten the kids with punishment but in the long run, it really doesn't work. Every school my daughter has attended had a "No Cellphone In School" policy. Yet, I'll go there to help out and the majority of the students are on their devices. A school in Wisconsin might have an answer.

According to gezettextra.com,

"Under new rules at Franklin Middle School, students must stow their phones in Yondr pouches during the morning period that serves as a homeroom and wait to take them out at lunch. Then after lunch, back in the pouches, the phones go. Yondr pouches, for the uninitiated, are soft cases that snap shut and stay closed with a strong magnet. The company sells its products to schools, concert venues, courts and individuals motivated to curb their phone habits."

The plan has worked so well, the rule might go districtwide. I can see other schools enacting it down the road.

What do you think?

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