If you have a Samsung Galaxy device you could potentially be at risk.

Even the word hackers scares me. I don't think I need to explain the danger of this to you.

Samsung Galaxy Device Hackers
Allison Joyce, Getty Images

I feel grateful that I do not personally use a Samsung Galaxy, but plenty of my friends and family do.

Yes it's true, there is no way you can completely protect yourself no matter what you do in today's cyber world, but there are substantial problems with the Samsung Galaxy devices.

According to WIFR, a cyber security firm says there is a flaw in Samsung Galaxy devices. The devices in question range from the S3 to the newest S6.

This may not be new news to Galaxy users, as the vulnerability was reported in November. The problem is, it has been seven months and nothing has been fixed.

The problem is in the phones' keyboard software. This allows hackers to spy on the users.

There is little way to get around being exposed to hackers, but researchers believe that you can be exposed by using public or insecure Wi-Fi or even cell phone networks in general.

There is no sign on when the software in the keyboard will be fixed. Samsung did say that the company is going to patch the issue through it's KNOX service, where updates should hopefully begin in the next few days. Although this answer from Samsung seems quite unclear in my own opinion.

You can read more on this issue here.


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