Illinois is home to some pretty awesome things.

Sure, Illinois is arguably the worst yet best state in the country. (Insert comments on corrupt politicians, Italian beef sandwiches and pizza.) One thing is not to be argued with. We are home to some pretty cool stuff.

16 things made in illinois
Scott Olson, Getty Images

Reboot Illinois put together a fantastic list of 16 things that are made in Illinois. I knew a few of them were made here, like the classic party red SOLO cup. I've actually been to the corporate headquarters before and it's pretty awesome.

Ok, so I only saw the front lobby, but there were plenty of red SOLO cups all over the place.

I've been to Medline before as well, and I was shocked on how many products they make! They even have an entire medical supply pretend store that you can walk through to see how all of their products would and can be displayed in stores. I have to say, the people at Medline are pretty amazing and awesome.

Did you know that these 16 things are made in Illinois?

  1. Horseraddish
  2. Solo Cups
  3. Handi-foil
  4. Weather Tech floor liners
  5. Medline Medical Equipment
  6. Hobbico Models
  7. Nestle
  8. First Alert
  9. Tootsie Rolls
  10. Hershey's
  11. Quaker Oats
  12. Vienna Beef Hotdogs
  13. Astro-Physics Telescopes
  14. Riddell Sports Equipment
  15. Kraft Mac and Cheese
  16. Beer Nuts


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