One of the most popular shows on YouTube is taking the show on the road for the very first time ever and the destination is Illinois.

Hot Ones Live Event Is Coming To Chicago

I think this internet thing might do okay. Think about how different your life was before you could spend hours surfing on the web. The content you can find online grows each day. If you don't see it then it's not worth checking out.

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One of the most famous websites is YouTube. With that, you don't even need a television anymore. I have friends who just spend hours watching the videos posted on that site. Some of the programs are just like you see on your favorite channel. They can even be more popular than actual TV shows.

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One of the most famous shows on YouTube is Hot Ones. If you're not familiar with the program, the host Sean Evans challenges celebrities to eat wings with him. Each round, the sauce gets hotter. At the same time, he interviews the guest. It's a pretty interesting concept. The guest list is very impressive featuring A-List actors, musicians, comedians, entertainers, and more.

Up to this point, Hot Ones has always been filmed in a studio but the show has become so popular they are taking it on the road for the very first time. The location is Chicago. The program will be shot in a secret location and the only way to get into this exclusive event is to win tickets. Register HERE.

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