Seafood is very popular in Illinois so if you're looking for some tasty restaurants to check out, here are ten that come highly suggested.

Experiencing Seafood At Illinois Restaurants

When it comes to going out for seafood, Illinois is a very interesting place for restaurant menu choices. Of course, there are plenty of places that serve midwest-type lake and river fish but you can also get anything from the ocean here too. It all depends on what kind of taste for fish you're looking for. It goes from Friday night fish fries and all the way up to sushi. Plus, everything in between.

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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a big seafood guy so this is going a little out of my comfort zone. Maybe, this information will change my taste. I wanted to find out the best places in Rockford, Illinois to order fish. I did a survey on social media. I'm really happy that people used their own interpretation of seafood. That gave us some diverse choices. We got a couple of actual seafood joints, sushi restaurants, and even bar fish fires. Residents of Illinois are all over the place when it comes to fish.

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Illinois Seafood Restaurants

10 Popular Restaurants To Order Seafood In Illinois

#2 Storming Crab

Honorable Mentions

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