Pearl Restaurant is asking customers to put their cellphones in a box during dinner.

According to, Pearl Restaurant in Rockford is asking patrons to put their phones away so that they can enjoy a text, email and screen filled free dinner with their loved ones. If guests can keep their dinner phone-free, Pearl is taking 10 percent off of their dinner bill.

Adam Radosavljevic, Think Stock
Adam Radosavljevic, Think Stock

I think it's a fantastic idea and I encourage you all to enjoy a technology free dinner every night, regardless if you are getting money off your bill or not. But all the sappy and opinionated stuff aside, there are quite a few other things I would also like to put in a box until my dinner is over as well as my cellphone.

  1. Bad Attitudes: I understand you are 'hangry' but there is no reason to talk down to the young, sweet waitress. By the way, she had no control over your steak being overcooked when you requested it butterflied and well done, being out of Prime Rib or not having a type of alcohol the establishment doesn't carry.
  2. Your Garbage: Stop at a gas station to throw your crap out before you get to the fancy restaurant in town. Stop asking the hostess to throw away your Starbucks cup. It's tacky.
  3. DVD Players: You know what I'm talking about right? The small DVD players that kids can watch to keep them occupied? I don't want to be distracted by Barney singing his repulsive song with volume on 928360 while I'm eating.
  4. Open Mouth Chewers: Do I really have to explain this to you?
  5. Gum: We've all hit the top of our hands on the bottom of the table when putting our napkin on our lap, only to get the last customers gum spit on our hands. Gross.
  6. The Bad Tipper: There is nothing worse than a bad tipper. I personally feel bad for the waitstaff, as I know first hand what those tips mean. They mean water, food, electricity, rent, childcare for their families. Without them, hospitality workers would not be able to survive on their less than $4 an hour pay.
  7. Crying Children: Yeah I said it, I'm sick of hearing your child scream throughout my entire dinner. If your kid can't behave, leave them at home and find a sitter.
  8. Perfume: It smells so strong all I can taste is vanilla and musk. I can't breathe, your scent is suffocating me.
  9. Fork Scrapers: It's worse than nails on a chalkboard. Your teeth will thank you for not scraping them on your fork with every bite.

Here's more on Pearl's cellphone-free offer:

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