Four school students in Illinois thought it would be a good idea to start a battle royal on the bus but the only title they won was their inmate numbers.

Trouble On Illinois School Bus

School has just started in Illinois and there has already been some serious trouble. Going back to school, especially riding the bus, can be a serious source of anxiety for many students. A situation like this one makes it all that much more overwhelming for those children.

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This horrible incident happened last week in Mattoon. It was on a bus ride home from the local community school district. Out of nowhere, four students started brawling. There were no details on why the fight started between the kids. Luckily, there were adults aboard to break it up.

Police Lights
Fight On Illinois School Bus

The bus driver immediately pulled over the vehicle and called the local police for help. A school employee who was also aboard separated the students while they waited for officers to arrive. They handled the situation according to the district's rules. The four brawling kids were all arrested. In the meantime, another bus arrived to take the rest of the children home.

I was glad to hear there was a school employee on the bus to help out the situation. When I was growing up, the school bus was a free-for-all and I remember all kinds of crazy stuff going on. The old and grumpy bus driver never did anything about it. I was so happy when I could start walking to school.

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