A pair of goat statues were stolen from a yard in East Troy, Wisconsin.

A few years ago, I was at a concert at Alpine Valley Music Theater. When I was tailgating in the parking lot before the show, I met a couple that lived just a couple of miles from the venue.

They had some funny stories to share about things that happened during concerts. For example, they woke up one morning with some "Dead Heads" camping out in their front yard.

The couple enjoyed the excitement when there was a concert nearby. They said the rest of the year it's very quiet in East Troy, Wisconsin.

I'm sure for the area police it's peaceful during non-event days too.

This actually sounds like an incident that would happen when there is a show in town, but there was nothing in the area.

According to upi.com,

"A Wisconsin police department shared security camera footage from the theft of two highly unusual items -- a pair of goat statues."

"The footage shows a person get out of a car with their face hidden and take two "lawn ornaments" from next to the house's front porch."

Here is the video posted by the East Troy, Wisconsin Police Department.

If you know somebody that recently made a trip to the area and now have a couple of new goat statues on their lawn, you might want to notify the authorities.


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