The legendary Wisconsin outdoor amphitheater, Alpine Valley Music Theater, plans to be up and going again for the summer of 2018.

I'm a big fan of music and one of my hobbies is going to concerts. My Dad took me to my first concert when I was in 8th grade. It was Ozzy and Motley Crue and at the Rosemont Horizon. I've been hooked ever since.

I especially enjoy going to summer outdoor shows. One of my favorite venues to see shows is Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, Wisconsin. When I was growing up in the Chicago suburbs, it took a couple of hours to get there, but living in Rockford makes it so much easier to get to.

I've seen so many great shows there including Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Kiss, Ozzy, Van Halen, and more. I always tried to go to Alpine Valley at least once a summer.

When you go to a show there, it's not just about the show. It's the whole experience. You have to get up there early, so you can tailgate. Nowadays, I prefer to sit in the pavilion, but back in the day, I had a great time sitting up on the lawn. It was like partying with thousands of your friends.

The summer of 2017 wasn't a good one for Alpine Valley. For the first time in years, they didn't have any shows. As a music fan, it made me very sad. I have so many great memories from there. Even over the last few years, there had only been a handful of shows there each summer.

It was looking like the time of going to concerts at Alpine Valley was over. There have been rumors for years that the venue would be closed down. After taking a season off, those rumors were getting closer to reality.

Now there is some hope. I saw this article from,

Just reading the article title put a smile on my face.

"Alpine Valley Hopes To Make Some Noise Again in 2018."

East Troy, Wisconsin really missed the amphitheater this past summer.

"Unable to land any major performers, Alpine Valley closed down for the first time ever, leaving East Troy without the excitement and tourism that come from having 25,000 music fans descend on your town."

There is some great news about the legendary venue.

"But the crowds could be back next summer."

"Alpine Valley officials are offering assurances that they are working hard to bring the concerts back in 2018."

"Jon Reens, vice president of Live Nation Entertainment, which owns the music venue, said the lineup for Alpine Valley’s revival in 2018 is likely to include some well-known performers and some newcomers."

I've known Jo Reens for a long time and I really believe they are working hard to bring back Alpine Valley.

More good news.

"Alpine Valley has not wasted its summer off, however. Reens said officials used the opportunity to make some repairs and other physical improvements to the 40-year-old facilities. He is convinced that the concert venue will rebound in 2018."

Why did Alpine Valley have such a hard time getting shows in 2017?

"Reens said Alpine Valley is competing with other venues that are enjoying newfound popularity, especially Wrigley Field in Chicago. After the Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year, the team’s baseball stadium is suddenly a hot spot for rock shows. Even Jimmy Buffett was drawn to Wrigley Field, playing before a crowd of 40,000."

I hope you are excited as I am for the return of Alpine Valley Music Theater in 2018.

What are some of your memories from attending shows there?

Who would you like see play there in 2018?

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