One of the most iconic rock concert venues around us will not open in 2017.


I first went to Alpine Valley in East Troy Wisconsin back in 1988. Since then I've gone to Alpine Valley for shows basically every year. 2017 will not be one of those years.

Jon Reens who is the Live Nation vice-president of marketing for Midwest music was quoted as saying:

"It’s an unusual year in that a lot of artists we’ve traditionally hosted are playing in other buildings or not playing at all this season. Either they’re not coming through Wisconsin or are playing at places like Wrigley Field instead of Alpine Valley".

Could this possibly be the end of Alpine Valley? Could I have walked up that super steep hill for the very last time?

John Reens says that the venue will in fact re-open in 2018 and that they will use the off year to work on repairs.

Alpine Valley Music Theatre first opened in the summer of 1977, and has played host to the biggest names in rock music. The Grateful Dead, Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, Ozzfest, and Stevie Ray Vaughan's final show as he tragically died in a helicopter crash leaving the venue.

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