I did something Friday night that I haven't done in 25 plus years.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

This past Friday night I went into an area that was not familiar to me, the world of painting.

Sure I took art classes in high school, but that was really about it for me. So when Steph said hey, let's go take a painting class I was a little hesitant.

First off the painting class is at Kate's Pie Shop on State Street and you can bring your own drinks, so I was already saying yes in my mind. Oh and it was a Led Zeppelin themed painting class.

I was a little nervous, but the vibe and the instructor was amazing. Led Zeppelin was playing in the background and was having the most relaxing and fun time. You get instruction, some guidance, but it's totally about making the painting your own.

Thank you Steph for inviting me, check out Painting & Pie for info and some up coming painting parties! Check out my photo's:


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