Mach 1st, Get The Led Out returns to Rockford.

silhouettes of concert crowd in front of bright stage lights

Last year when GTLO played the Coronado P.A.C, I went into it with an open mind. I've seen a million "cover bands" in my life, so why is this one playing the "Crown Jewel" of Rockford?

Within minutes, I figured it out...These guys bring it. Throw away fancy costumes and played out impressions of Led Zeppelin, these guys channel studio energy and play it live.

I asked Paul Hammond of Get The Led Out if they would bring back the acoustic set which was one of my favorite parts. Not only will they do that, but the set they play will change. With such a rich catalog of Zeppelin material, this will be an epic evening of classic rock.

Here is my conversation with Paul Hammond of "Get The Led Out". Look forward to seeing everyone March 1st at The Coronado P.A.C.


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