This Friday, Comedian Nate Bargatze will be performing at the Coronado PAC in Rockford and here's an interview with him.

I'm a big fan of comedy. I can watch it on Netflix all day long. Recently, a friend of mine recommended checking out Nate Bargatze and his latest special, "The Tennesse Kid." It's great. Put it on your list of shows to view in the near future.

I also enjoy going to see comedians live. Lucky enough, Nate Bargatze is coming to Rockford, The show is this Friday, January 24th at the Coronado PAC. For more info, HERE.

I had a chance to talk to him to discuss the show. Here's the interview.

Video: Comedian Nate Bargatze Discusses Writing & Performing Jokes

To find out more about Nate Bargatze, HERE.

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