I've never been much for math, but food is a different story!

Mark Stout

Thanks to that funny looking key on a scientific calculator I know that pi is 3.14159265359. But to know how to use it in my daily life, not so much. What I do know is that I love a good piece of pie! And since today's date is 3/14, that makes it Pi(e) day!

Thankfully we here in Rockford are blessed with several places to grab a great piece of pastry!

With some help from Yelp and my own personal experience these are the top 5 places for pie in Rockford:

  • Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records - Their pumpkin pie is the best I've ever had, but come to think of it every pie I've ever had here has been amazing!!
  • Banana Cherry Bakery - Meat pies are their specialty. So if sweets aren't your thing maybe you should head here.
  • GreenFire Restaurant Bar & Bakery - The desert case alone is enough to make anyone drool, but one Yelp reviewer said their Key Lime pie is the best!
  • Katie's Cup - A great local place to grab a cup of java and they have a Cherry Pie Latte that is supposed to taste just like the popular dessert.
  • Mary's Market Bakery & Cafe - A local staple, most claim this the best blueberry pie EVER!

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