After having a car crash through their building, Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records is back!

Photo - Kate
Photo - Kate

A few weeks back Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records on State Street in Rockford had an unexpected visitor. Now listen, the pie is damn good and I truly had a blast at one of their painting nights, but this is taking it too far friend!

On October 2nd an unfortunate accident occurred at the Kate's when a car crashed through the front window and into the kitchen, thankfully no one was hurt, but the accident left the cafe closed for nearly three weeks. But now they are back and ready to serve up all kinds of yummy.

So here's the deal, December 15th, and 16th from 10am-6pm, Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Record Shop will have a "Post Car Crash Grand Reopening Celebration".

Enjoy a sweet treat or something vegan if you so desire, but park your car and WALK in, please.



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