Izayah J. Hellesen of Caledonia, Wi was harassing homeless people so her could create a viral TikTok video. LaCrosse

Here is the "absolutely not drunk" reasoning from Izayah on how he attempted to do this....

"I told them I was an FBI investigator. I ain’t (got) no badge or nothing but they believed the shit … I am a TikToker and their (expletive) are gonna look (slur).” - Izayah J. Hellesen

What. In. The. Hell.


O.K. so dude had a few too many soda pops and harassed a bunch of homeless people to be "social media" famous. But this tool earned his "fame" in another way. After law enforcement was called to the scene, they arrested Izayah J. Hellesen...AFTER the arrest, he laid out his plan to officers on how he was going to "escape" the clutches of the law and get away. This included headbutting an officer, and then...

Hands of homeless with a paper cup

"take you (expletive, referring to the officers' firearms) and shoot you with it." He also continued by saying he was going to purchase "a (expletive) bunch of guns".


That as his plan, and his words TO THE OFFICERS. Five different officers were called to the jail to control him once he arrived.

Kim Reinick, ThinkStock
Kim Reinick, ThinkStock

So what are the charges against Izayah, for his attempt at TikTok fame...

Two felonies:

Impersonating a peace officer

Threatening a law enforcement officer

One misdemeanor:

Disorderly conduct


His attempt at "pretending" to be a police officer to film his social media clip, was a fail. By the looks of things, he's used to failures in life.


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