This boozy dude got arrested twice in the same day, at the same store...At least he's consistent? LocalToday

A Chicago man (Lance) walked into a Jewel, I'm guessing to get some chicken (editors note: Jewel Fried Chicken is delicious) and he was, how do we put this...HAMMERED!

Drunk Man Kicks Two Illinois Cops
Drunk Man Kicks Two Illinois Cops

This drunk fella roamed to store stumbling and bumbling, it was obvious to all who witnessed that he was drunk. Cops were called to the Jewel location in Elmhurst, when ole' drinky pants tried to steal some goods. He was arrested on retail theft charges. For whatever reason he was booked, charged, and released. Go home and sleep it off, buddy.

Danger on the road. Blue flasher on the police car at night.

So here comes part two, yes there is a part two to this...12 hours later, our guy Lance returned to the scene of the crime...for a 2nd time! Yep, Lance went back to Jewel, he wasn't there to steal anything this time. He was drinking and smoking cigarettes in the men's room. What?


Security noticed him and called the cops on Lance, for the 2nd time in one day.

He was charged with violating his bail the previous day. He was issued a trespassing warrant and taken to the DuPage County Jail. - Elmhurst Police

I seriously think it's the chicken...I mean really, the chicken is that damn good. He had a few more beverages and thought, man I should go back for a 2-piece.

Jack Puccio


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