Back in 2015 an Obama hating Illinois man, was busted for stealing a sex toy. SG

Christopher Hucko was arrested walking out of a "Chicago sex shop," with a vibrator in his pants. The $48 toy was concealed in his boxer shorts and when cops asked what was in his pants...He didn't say a toy, but he did ask the officer is he wanted to "see it."


Also, when asked how to device got there...He told the cops he has no idea. Wow, weird. Yep, no clue...Magically he had something in his pants. For the first time ever.

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Along with the "sex toy" after the search was over, the cops also found marijuana and a pot pipe. OK, if that wasn't enough, now comes the fun part...Dude went all political on the officers.

Caucasian young man dressed like nerd smiling with eyes closed.

This is how he signed his name on a legal document:

"Obama is a criminal." 

He went into his political commentary, as he stripped naked in a holding cell...Can't forget that crucial part of this story. It was reported that he went on a riff, ripping into President Obama.

 “Comments about his political views and derogatory comments about President Obama." - Orland Park Police Department

This dude has a pretty extensive criminal history, which now includes stealing a sex toy. Other things Chris has been busted for includes:

  • multiple larceny arrests
  • retail theft
  • pot possession
  • possession of drug paraphernalia

This seems like a really balanced individual.

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Say cheese, Illinois!


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