Celebrities come to Illinois all the time, especially in Chicago, but this possible appearance from a world-famous rock star seemed a little bit different.

The Dream Of Randomly Running Into Your Hero In Illinois

Everyone has that famous person they look up to. It's their goal to one day run into their hero and hang out with them. Of course, it doesn't happen very often but it's okay to dream. Some Illinois fans of the band, U2, thought they had one of those moments in a Chicago restaurant.

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Was Bono From U2 Spotted In Chicago Restaurant?

A few days ago, social media out of Chicago started to blow up. Apparently, Bono from U2 was in town and having dinner at Twin Anchors Restaurant and Tavern in the Windy City. Fans were posting pictures of him eating ribs and singing Christmas Carols.

Was That Really Bono In Chicago Restaurant?

Well, let's do a little detective work. Yes, it is possible. Celebrities come to Chicago all the time. Bono has spent time there. Twin Anchors is a restaurant where you can run into famous people.

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I'm sorry to burst your bubble about the possible Bono sighting, but it wasn't him. He was in Las Vegas for a residency with his band, U2 at the Sphere. He couldn't even be at his friend's funeral around the same time so there's no way he was in Chicago.

According to cbsnews.com,

But as it turns out, it wasn't Bono. It was an impersonator. "Fake Bono" was really a man named Pavel Sfera in town for a Serbian film festival which featured a doc about him.

The fans still had a cool moment and he does look a lot like Bono.

Did World Famous Rock Star Sing At Illinois Restaurant?

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