When some residents of Sheboygan, Wisconsin decided they wanted to hit up their favorite local watering hole, they were shocked to see a celebrity spending some time at the bar.

Everyone Loves Small Wisconsin Bars

Besides being Green Bay Packers fans, I can't really say anything mean about the residents of Wisconsin. The folks north of the Cheddar Curtain are pretty darn nice. You can't go wrong hanging out at one of their small-town bars. It's always a good time. Plus, the food is usually delicious and the drinks are affordable. Along with excellent people-watching.

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Celebrity Spotted In Wisconsin Bar

The Nine-O-Two bar is a popular small-town bar in Sheboygan. The locals love hanging out there. It's the kind of place, where everyone knows your name. If there's an out-of-towner in the house, everyone is aware of it. In this case, everyone in the tavern actually knew the visitor. That's because he's a world-famous celebrity.

NBA legend and now famous TV show host, Charles Barkley stopped in for a couple of drinks. How random is that? Barkley's favorite hobby is golfing and he was in the area to check out one of the local courses.

According to sheboyganpress.com,

The bar and grill’s owner, Wendy Vera, said they heard Barkley was golfing in the area. She said he was very gracious. He took photos, signed autographs and opened a tab for customers in the bar for a couple of hours.

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