If a minor league baseball team in Illinois were to hand-pick a celebrity owner, I think this famous actor would be at the top of their list.

Minor League Baseball In Illinois Is Summer Fun For The Whole Family

I love going to live sporting events. Of course, I'm always in for my favorite Chicago teams like the Bears, Cubs, Hawks, Bulls, and Sox. If you're looking for affordable family fun, your best bet for the money is minor league sports. It's more than just a game, they put on a whole show. In the summer in Illinois, there are plenty of baseball teams to check out. I think one particular organization is going to be extremely popular next year.

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Famous Actor To Purchase Minor League Baseball Team In Illinois

One of those minor league baseball teams in Illinois is the Joliet Slammers. They are definitely one of those organizations that puts on a fun show for the fans with entertaining theme nights and promotions. They are about to get brand new ownership and the town is super excited.

This new ownership group for the Joliet Slammers includes popular actor, Bill Murray. I think he's the perfect celebrity owner because the guy is a huge baseball fan, especially the Cubs. One of his partners will be Mike Veeck, the son of former White Sox owner, Bill Veeck. They are both well known for their outrageous baseball promotions. It should be a fun summer in Joliet.

According to patch.com,

One of America's favorite actors and one of the Chicago Cubs' biggest celebrity fans, Bill Murray, might be in line to become the owner of the Joliet Slammers of the Frontier League.


Wednesday night the Joliet Slammers season ticket holders were informed that Bill Murray is buying the Joliet minor league baseball franchise.

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