A fight at a school bus stop between a pair of mothers ended up with a broken coffee cup being used as a weapon.

I remember going to the bus stop in grade school. It was back in the time when kids could walk down there alone. Of course with no adult supervision, there would be some mischief taking place.

Sometimes there would be a fight. Well, if you could actually call it that. Normally, it was just a short wrestling match before it was broken up when the bus pulled up. Nobody would get hurt.

Nowadays, the parents take their children and make sure everything is safe. I would think the trouble then stopped. Not necessarily.

Unfortunately, this incident didn't happen between students. It was the parents causing a ruckus.

According to abc7chicago.com,

"A brawl between two moms at a school bus stop landed both in the hospital. Both moms used a broken coffee mug as a weapon."

Sounds like a couple of role models.

The issue between the mothers started a few weeks prior when they got in an argument over the differences in disciple. One of them had yelled at kids misbehaving at the bus stop while the other disapproved.

After several disagreements, it finally went too far. The confrontation got physical.

One mom nudged the other and lifted her fist so the 2nd broke her coffee mug over the head of the 1st mom in what she calls self-defense.

The two adult women then used the pieces from the mug to slash each other.

They both ended up in the hospital with stab wounds.

Charges are pending an investigation.


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