I've been to weddings that get out of control, especially in Wisconsin, but this incident takes it to a whole new level of insanity.

Wisconsin Weddings Can Get Crazy

I've attended many weddings in my life. When the open bar starts flowing with free booze, that's your cue to head for the exit. The ones in Wisconsin can get even wilder. This incident happened at The Club at Lac La Belle, which is located at a local golf course in Oconomowoc. What started out as a special day for the happy couple turned into a disaster.

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Out Of Control Drunk At Wisconsin Wedding

It's not surprising but a guest at a Wisconsin got drunk and started acting obnoxiously. He acted inappropriately towards another guest. When approached about it, the suspect lost it. He began making a scene in the middle of the reception by yelling and screaming at anyone and everyone. He was removed from the room.

Young bride in wedding dress lets a Balloon with Text burst with a needle
Finger Bitten Off At Wisconsin Wedding

The drunk wouldn't calm down so one of the witnesses threatened to call the police. That made him even angrier. He started fighting some of the other guests. Three men attending the wedding pinned him down to the ground and that's when things got ugly. The suspect was able to get free enough to bite someone's figure off. The cops arrived soon after to arrest him. Unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital weren't able to save the poor victim's figure.

According to fox32chicago.com,

 A police sergeant stated "the victim's injuries were significant.


It appeared that approximately a half-inch of the finger had been bitten off.

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