The Chicago Bears have gotten so bad that the fans are starting to fight each other during games at Soldier Field.

Experiences At Soldier Field In Chicago 

My family has owned Bears season tickets at Soldier Field in Chicago since 1982. Through the years, I've seen plenty of bad teams, some mediocre squads, and a handful of good years. I've also witnessed some crazy things in the stands in my time going to games. I could probably write a book about it.

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Fights At Soldier Field During Chicago Bears Games

I can understand having a good time, maybe getting a little buzzed and crazy at games but I don't get people fighting. Even if the team sucks. In the long run, it's just entertainment. Think about this, the tickets aren't cheap. Plus, you could lose your season tickets. Oh yeah, get seriously injured or end up in jail. That's just not cool.

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Chicago police have confirmed they are investigating a viral video of a Sunday game-day brawl at Soldier Field.


The video captures an unidentified man wearing a Justin Fields jersey and a Chicago Bears cap punching another man from behind, knocking him to the ground.

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Meanwhile, as several other Bears fans were scuffling, a man kicked another man hard in the head.


The violence then appeared to mercifully stop.


Fans Fighting At Games Has Become A Huge Problem

This has become a serious issue at games. It doesn't matter what sport, city, stadium, or even level of competition. It's going on way too much all over the place. Fans need to learn how to behave. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening anytime in the near future. Luckily, no one was seriously injured in this brawl.

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