Die-hard Chicago sports fans are frustrated about their horrible teams but this way to react is just ridiculous.

It's Very Difficult Being A Chicago Sports Fan

I'm not afraid to admit that I'm a huge Chicago sports fan. That includes the Bears, Hawks, Bulls, Cubs, and White Sox. I'll cheer on my teams no matter what during good times and bad. Of course, besides a couple of great runs along the way. It's usually a pretty frustrating hobby. Especially, right not because they all are bad.

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I learned a couple of valuable lessons many years ago. First of all, getting into a fight is not fun. Throwing or receiving punches hurt. Plus, there's a good chance of getting arrested. Going to jail is not my idea of a good time. Most importantly, don't let sports ruin your day. Even if they're your favorite team. It's not worth getting upset over. Basically, it's just for entertainment. I think that's why I don't get mad about losing records. It would drive me crazy.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Chicago Cubs
Big Fan Fight At Chicago White Sox Game

Big Fight At Chicago White Sox

Unfortunately, Chicago White Sox fans are known for bad behavior. That sucks because I really do enjoy going to their stadium for games. Besides the unruly fans, it's a good sports experience. The Southside fans have had that reputation for years. I remember going to my first Sox game when I was just a young child and witnessing a huge brawl. It was a pretty scary situation.

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We're only a couple of weeks into the season and a massive fight has already broken out between fans at Guaranteed Rate Stadium. The really sad thing is it was between White Sox fans not followers of division rivals. The Southsiders can't even get along with themselves. This latest brawl included men and women. You just have to see for yourself. Check out this video of the altercation. Stay Classy Sox fans.

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