Things got intense at a nursing home in Illinois when one of the residents pulled out a back scratcher.

Not The Ideal Living Situation For Older Illinois Residents

I've had the unfortunate experience of having relatives forced to live in a nursing home. For a short time is okay. For example, if they are recovering from a health issue or something similar. When it happens to be for a long extended period of time or the rest of their lives, that's when it gets a little sketchy. Unless you can invest a serious amount of cash, they are really plain and depressing. I could easily see residents getting very grumpy because they are stuck there.

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A couple of months ago, I shared a story about a fight between two residents at an Illinois nursing home. During an argument, the two gentlemen had to be separated and the police were called. At that moment, I considered it a one-time thing but now it's happened again. There could be an issue with keeping people in line at that place. Especially, when folks get older because they start acting like kids again. I would call it a role reversal.

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Another Fight Between Two Residents In Illinois Nursing Home

Looks like officials at an Illinois nursing home had to call the police again over another fight between two residents. This time it involved a back scratcher. This could be the first time one has been used as a weapon.

The administrator of The Grove Elmhurst nursing home, 127 W. Diversey Ave., told police Friday that one resident used a back scratcher to poke another resident.


Neither resident suffered any injuries, but the incident was documented for the state Department of Public Health (No complaint was signed).

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