The Chicago Bears will be building a new stadium sometime down the road but the big question is where and at this point no one seems to know the answer.

The Chicago Bears' Current Stadium Situation

The Chicago Bears have the worst stadium deal in the NFL. They don't own the facility so they're missing out on a lot of potential revenue. Plus, with a too-small out-of-date outdoor building they can't host any world-class events like the Super Bowl.

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The Chicago Bears Are Building A New Stadium

A couple of years ago the Chicago Bears announced they were taking their team to the next level by building their own domed stadium. Unfortunately, it hasn't gone as well as they had hoped. It does sound like they will be making a decision soon.

Could Chicago Bears Leave Illinois For New Stadium?
Could Chicago Bears Leave Illinois For New Stadium?

Where Will The Chicago Bears Build Their New Stadium?

There have been a lot of rumors and speculation. The team originally purchased the former Arlington Racetrack property and the plan was to build the new stadium there. The Chicago Bears and Arlington Heights have been battling over taxes. Currently, they are $100 million apart. This deal could end up falling through

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Other towns have thrown their hat in the ring hoping the attract the team. Those cities include Naperville, Waukegan, and Aurora. Even Chicago has been talking to the Bears about staying in the city.

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears
Could Chicago Bears Leave Illinois For New Stadium?

Could The Chicago Bears Leave Illinois For A New Stadium?

A new player has stepped up to the plate to become the new home of the Chicago Bears. That is Indiana. One of the political leaders put together a bill for a commission to explore the possibility of bringing a professional sports team to the Hoosier state. Northwest Indiana is basically a suburb of Chicago. Plus, things are cheaper in Indiana and the government isn't filled with corruption like Illinois. It will be interesting how it plays out.

According to, 

A new politician has signed onto a bill that would help Indiana explore the possibility of trying to lure the Bears across state borders.

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