When a restaurant serves a great meal and makes you feel at home, chances are it will be around for a while.


I got thinking about some great places in our area that have been around Rockford for a long time. Those restaurants that have lasted the test of time through economic and city wide changes. Chain restaurants, new fads, the latest trends, these places have always been here.

I know there are more than three of these places, but these are three that instantly came to mind. Here are Three Rockford RestaurantsThat Have Stood the Test of Time.

  • Stockholm Inn - 2420 Charles St. Established in 1968, the restaurant relocated to its current location in 1996. Breakfast, yummy.
  • Der Rathskeller - 1132 Auburn St, Established in 1931. Ownership changes haven't hurt this gem. I drive by this every morning, one day a beer before work will happen.
  • The Olympic Tavern - 2327 N Main St, Established in 1945. The construction out front right now might be a pain in the butt, but totally worth it.



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