I'm always on the lookout for normal food served uniquely and my latest find has me very curious to try it sometime soon.

Popular Illinois Restaurant Serves Pasta In A Cone

The restaurant scene in Illinois, especially Chicago, is a wonderland for foodies from all over the world. It's hard to find a place with a bigger variety and more delicious food. The best part is just when you think you've seen everything, you discover something new.

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Even though Illinois has a diverse selection of food served in its restaurants, there are some specialties like pizza and hotdogs. Another dish I would include on that list is pasta. There are so many great Italian restaurants throughout the state.

Now more than ever, the residents of Illinois are on the go. Many times they're eating on the run. There are some foods that you just can't eat while you're on the move. Luckily, professional chefs can find solutions. For example, the walking taco.

Finally, a Chicago restaurant has created a mobile pasta dish. Do you remember the movie, "The Jerk" starring Steve Martin? Well, there's a scene where he's eating pizza in a cup. This is pretty similar but it's pasta in a cone.

Anto Pizza and Pasta in Chicago is known for its pasta in a cone. Of course, you can order any of their delicious pasta dishes on a plate but they also serve them in a cone. It appears to be made of a cardboard-like material.

Anto Pizza And Pasta

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea. It's great to be able to eat pasta without being stuck at the table. Though if they could come up with an edible one, I would be all in for that idea but I'm sure it's not easy.

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