If you are looking for a truly unique experience in Illinois, then you have to check out this new celebrity-owned gelato shop that features sideshow acts.

Discovering Sideshow Gelato In Chicago

I'm a big fan of creativity. I love it when someone can combine two things that don't seem to go together and they can figure out a way to make it work. So many business owners in Illinois are open to trying new things and I think it's great.

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The name of this unique business in Illinois is Sideshow Gelato. It's located at 4819 North Western Avenue in Chicago. It's open Thursdays through Sundays. The owners have combined the tasty treat, gelato, with the entertainment of the sideshow. Though they do have adult-only shows, it's mostly geared towards families.

Let's start with the gelato. If you're not familiar, it reminds me a lot of ice cream except it has a lower milk fat content. All the flavors served are made by hand in-house. They use all fresh and natural ingredients. Sideshow Gelato is constantly switching up the flavors but averages sixteen different ones at a time.

Of course, there are many gelato shops throughout Illinois, but Sideshow Gelato stands out with its entertainment. You'll find magicians and sideshow-style acts performing on their stage. Even the servers have some tricks up their sleeves.

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I did mention a celebrity owner. The famous Las Vegas magician and entertainer, Penn Jillette (one half of the duo Penn and Teller) is a minority owner in the business. He's been known to show up to work a shift and even get up on stage. It sounds like a great place to check out.

Sideshow Gelato 

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