I love Halloween, but even this seems a bit much.

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At the grocery store, the other day and my youngest and I stumbled upon a Praire Farm display for Halloween inspired milk products. Yeah, it's as weird as it sounds.


Now I've seen and had the TruMoo Orange Scream creamsicle flavored milk before and I thought it was okay. It wasn't my favorite, but it wasn't the worst either.


But these on these other hand are a different story. Now the one with the ghost on it is labeled as a "Spooktacular Egg Nog" while the other is peanut butter and chocolate milk.

I love peanut butter and chocolate, but as milk, no thank you!!!


We bought the egg nog because we like it at Christmas time way not for All Hallows Eve too. Let's just say there's a reason they only serve around the holidays.

If you are interested in giving one or both a try, I saw them at the Walmart on Northridge in Rockford.

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