PETA does a lot of controversial things, but this one crosses the line.

PETA has always gone over the top with their protests.

This time I think they went a little too far.

According to,

"The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has released an article claiming that cow's milk is "a symbol of white supremacy."

I know many people that drink milk and they aren't even close to being like that.

"In the article, PETA says “dairy milk has long been embraced as a symbol of white supremacy” and “is the perfect drink for all (even unwitting) supremacists.”

Here is the reason behind their extreme statement.

"The organization lists reasons for how they came to this conclusion, including the control farmers have over their cattle, "rape racks," and claims that the dairy industry creates misleading ad campaigns."

Alternative beverages they suggest.

“If you feel that all life should be free of violent control, choose soy, almond, rice, cashew or coconut milk the next time that you go shopping or order coffee,” the article says. “With so many different types of cruelty-free, delicious milks on the market, opposing supremacists has never been easier.”

If you want to check out that PETA article, go HERE

In my opinion, I still think that's going too far.


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