Does the type of music you listen to have anything to do with your intelligence? This study says it does.

A study done in 2009 claims that the music you listen to may have something to do with your intelligence.

According to Consequence of Sound, a writer named Virgil Griffith charted musical tastes based on the average SAT scores of various college institutions.

For example, students attending the California Institute of Technology have an average SAT score of 1520. By looking at Facebook to determine the most popular, or 'liked' band of students at Cal Tech, Griffith was able to conclude that Radiohead really truly is music for smart people. ~


This may be the most scientific study that has ever been done ever. (Sarcasm please.)

But, next time you are stuck on a long car ride with your friend and they say, "Oh man I'm loving this new Lil' Wayne album, how about we listen to it on repeat!" you can then let them know that it is the reason they are dumb.

You can follow up by putting on the Eagle via the RadioPup app so you can hear all the smart music! See, we aren't here just to entertain, but to make you smarter with Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles and U2.

You can check out all of the different artists listed on the graphic HERE.

Virgil Griffith