The best way to enjoy your favorite bands is live in concert and here's the bucket list for music fans in Illinois.

Live Music Is Massive In Illinois

If you're a music fan, Illinois is a great place to live. First of all, there's a huge amount of homegrown talent. Plus, amazing bands come to our state all the time to perform. Of course, everyone has at least a couple of bands they haven't been able to cross off their bucket list yet. Recently, I conducted a social media survey to find out what artists were the most sought-after to see live in the Land of Lincoln.

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I have to admit, personally, I've already seen shows from the majority of these musicians. I consider myself very lucky to have had those opportunities in my life. I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. Most people are still working on the live concert bucket list but that's okay. There are no deadlines to get them done. Basically, it's just when they can fit them in to get done.

Concert Bucket List For Illinois Music Fans
Concert Bucket List For Illinois Music Fans

Illinois' Ultimate 30-Band Must-See In Concert Bucket List

# 1 The Eagles

# 2 Led Zeppelin

# 3 Lady Gaga

# 4 Metallica

# 5 Van Morrison

# 6 Pink Floyd

# 7 Pearl Jam

# 8 Pink

# 9 Aerosmith

# 10 The Electric Mayhem

# 11 Billy Joel

# 12 AC/DC

# 13 Bon Jovi

# 14 Def Leppard

# 15 Paul Rodgers

# 16 Keith Urban

# 17 The Pretenders

# 18 Poison

# 19 Rolling Stones

# 20 Taylor Swift

# 21 Judas Priest

# 22 Ozzy Osbourne

# 23 John Fogerty

# 24 Heart

# 25 Barry Manilow

# 26 Cheap Trick

# 27 Ronnie James Dio

# 28 Skillet

# 29 Robin Trower

# 30 Hank Williams III

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Did You Know These 25 Famous Musicians And Bands Were From Illinois?

Gallery Credit: Getty Images and YouTube

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