There is a rich history of entertainment in Illinois so which homegrown musicians are the favorites of music fans in our state?

Popular Bands From Illinois

Recently, I was having a discussion with a couple of friends about our favorite musicians. We realized that many of our top picks are actually from Illinois. That's when the subject changed to what are the most popular bands in the state. To find out the answer, I conducted a social media survey to find out the opinions of residents. Here's what I found out.

Top 10 Favorite Bands In Illinois

# 10 The Pimps 

  • Rockford's other famous band

# 9 Enuff Znuff

  • Chicago's Hairband

# 8 Chicago

  • One of the biggest bands ever from Illinois

# 7 Head East

  • A popular band from downstate

# 6 Disturbed

  • The Windy City's version of Metal.

# 5 Survivor

  • The soundtrack kings

# 4 REO Speedwagon

  • Pride and joy of Champaign

# 3 Styx

  • They're great at rocking and with ballads.

# 2 Smashing Pumpkins

  • Led the 1990s alternative music movement in Chicago

# 1 Cheap Trick

  • Who doesn't love these guys?

More Popular Bands From Illinois

Of course, that's just a few bands from Illinois. There are many more talented musicians in our state. Here are more that I must mention that got votes in the survey.

Honoring Illinois Musicians

I think because we are in the Midwest, we don't get the respect that is deserved for our music scene. There are so many legendary musicians from Illinois but that so-called museum in Cleveland doesn't give the bands the honors they've earned. Luckily, we now have our very own Illinois Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame.

Did You Know These 25 Famous Musicians And Bands Were From Illinois?

Did You Know These 25 Famous Musicians And Bands Were From Illinois?

Gallery Credit: Getty Images and YouTube

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